Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup



♦ CDL Cleanup     Removal and Disposal of Contaminated materials





A Clandestine Durg Lab (CDL) can be anywhere.  A private or rented home, an outbuilding, hotel room, or the trunk of a car to name a few.  The damaging effect of cooking and/or using meth go far beyond the individual involved.  The effects on the family, community and the environment can be disastrous. 

Affinity Group is a state certified clandestine methamphetamine laboratory clean up contractor and has OSHA HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) certification.  We work closley with the property owners and authorities to ensure that every aspect of the clean up project is done according to established TOSHA and TDEC standards. 



Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force

 "The Law"