Lead Paint 


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♦ State Certified for Lead Paint Abatement



Lead based paint was banned for residential use in 1978 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  However, due to the existing supplies, lead based paint was still available and used.  86% of homes built before 1940, 66% of homes built between 1940-1959, and 25% of homes built between 1960-1978 have lead based paint. Overall 35% of homes have lead based paint on at least one surface.  Over time, the paint will dry, crack and/or peal creating dust particles.  Lead dust is too small to be seen with the naked eye.  What looks clean can actually be contaminated.  A small amount of lead dust can poison a child. (see http://www.leadfreekids.org/ ).  It is imperative that any project where lead based paint is present is treated with extreme care.  A certified RRP renovator (for small repair or remodel projects) or an Abatement company (for removal) should be used.

Affinity Group is state certified for Lead Based Paint Abatement.  We are also an EPA certified RRP (Renovate, Repair & Paint) Firm  with certified renovators on staff.  Our certifications, continuing education classes, and experience, allow us to successfully meet all the necessary requirements in the EPA and OSHA standards.  RRP certification classes are held at our office through National Environmental Solutions.  For class schedules please check their website at www.nationalenvironmentalsolutions.org.